Holburne Museum; the safe and beautiful home of William Holburne's collection

At the tender age of 11, William Holburne took part in the battle of Trafalgar, one of the many fascinating objects in the Holburne Museum is his snuff box which is said to be made from wood taken from a ladder of HMS victory. Legend has it that this was the very ladder Nelson’s dead body was carried down after the battle. William’s extensive travel, love of art and inheritance allowed him the luxury of creating a priceless collection of art. He bequeathed the collection to Bath to be on permanent display for the education and enjoyment of its residence for posterity. Holburne museum project prospect content Series 41 hinged casement security secondary glazing William's collection is housed in the Holburne Museum, a beautiful Georgian building situated at the top of Great Pultney street. Originally constructed in 1796, the façade was later remodelled in its current Louis XVI style. A key element of this beautiful Neo-classical design is the size and shape of the windows. They give symmetry and decoration to the exterior whilst ensuring that the interior feels light and spacious. However, as windows and doors are generally the most vulnerable components of a building, attention had to be paid to their security. To qualify for the Government Indemnity Insurance scheme, all museums are required to follow Arts Council guidance on all aspects of security. These include measures that must be taken to secure windows and doors. Selectaglaze specified and installed Series 41 hinged casement security secondary glazing throughout the museum. Our security products carry PAS 24:2012 accreditation with is a prerequisite for qualifying for the Government Indemnity Insurance Scheme The bespoke Series 41 hinged casements blend seamlessly into the lofty interior affording the necessary security whilst dramatically improving the thermal properties of the precious original Georgian windows, keeping this priceless collection safe for generations to come.

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