Stansted Airport College

"This is your captain speaking" - can you hear me?

Client: Harlow College

Sitting at the end of Stansted airport runway is Stansted Airport College, the first on-site education facility of its kind at any major UK airport. Selectaglaze was approached to help provide a solution to combat the noise with secondary glazing. It is the most effective method of acoustic insulation in extremely noisy areas. Although generally used in Listed buildings, it can also provide much needed additional performance for new builds in areas of high traffic or near major transportation hubs. Acoustic tests have shown that the secondary glazing can provide a 45dB reduction if set 200mm from a single glazed primary window with 6mm glass.  32 units were installed across the site, using Series 10 - 2 and 3 pane horizontal sliders and a Series 41 hinged casement door. All were installed with a cavity of 200mm and tightly sealed. Not only have the staff and students already seen the enormous acoustic benefit of the secondary glazing, but they should also gain from thermal insulation it provides and the added security.