Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

A safe and cosy haven

Client:      Battersea Dogs Home

Since 1860, the lost pets of London have found a safe haven at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The challenge was to shelter the dogs' exercise runs from the wind and rain where in winter, according to one inmate, "it was cold enough to freeze the paws off a poodle!" The solution also needed to leave the existing security grilles in place and preserve the light, airy feel of the dogs' environment. In an imaginative and innovative use of  existing systems, Selectaglaze, designed, manufactured and installed a series of large panels from their Series 10 and 45 ranges to sit between the grilles and the runs. The installation incorporated both fixed and horizontal sliding units for optimum air management and steel mesh for permanent ventilation. In total, 282 units were installed over the two phases of the initiative and have created a far more pleasant and warmer place for the animals stay while waiting to be re-homed.