The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse – Iconic building renovated and refurbished

Client: UK Real Estate Ltd, London

The Iconic Flat-iron, Grade II Listed Lighthouse building has been mouldering away for decades, being deemed unsafe to use by Historic England. UK Real Estate took on the task of renovating this iconic building, transforming it into quiet, warm, light and stylish office space with the help of Selectaglaze. The decoupling of the primary from the secondary glazing also ensures that ingress from the three very busy roads that encircle the building is almost completely deadened. With a gap of at least 100mm between the two panes of glass and high performance seals means a reduction of 50dB can be achieved.     To meet the needs of this unique building Series 25 and Series 90 vertical sliders together with Series 41 lift-out units were used. As with all Selectaglaze products, each opening was treated with its own bespoke solution to ensure that all sightlines were retained and that an optimal fit was achieved for each opening.