Heritage secondary glazing for a Grade II LIsted property

Grade II* Listed Jacobean property


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Heritage, Listed building, Energy efficiency

This Grade II* Listed property was described as a ‘derelict shell’ by Gotch Sauders and Surridge in 1970. This firm of architects bought and comprehensively renovated this irreplaceable building. Victorian elements were demolished and the Jacobean portion of the house was opened up and the tiled roof replaced with Norfolk reed thatch. In 1973, upon completion of the work, the property became a private dwelling. The building was first built as a school house for the teaching of Latin and Greek. Its original purpose is inscribed in stone on a stone plaque above the front door; “this house was built 1622 the freeschoole was founded by Thomas Burbanke and Margaret his wife 1587 memoria. Ivsti. Benedicta. Pro” Heritage secondary interior image Secondary glazing blends seamlessly with interior  During the restoration process great care was taken to preserve the original stone mullioned windows together with the original leaded lights. These beautiful original features however, provided little protection against cold and draughts. To address this issue, the present owner Stuart Welch contacted Selectaglaze, to enhance the thermal and acoustic properties of the Listed building on the ground and first floor. A bespoke secondary glazing solution was designed using Selectaglaze Series 10 slimline horizontal sliding units, which would meet the need for improved acoustic and thermal performance, whilst preserving the original fabric of the building. At survey, it was discovered that the wattle and daub surface surrounding the internal window frame posed a range of challenges. Bespoke timber grounds where designed and produced to address the irregularities of each opening. None of the windows offered a level or rectangular opening. In addition the surfaces were both uneven and splayed. Each timber ground needed additional scribing during the installation.   Heritage secondary glazing project content image Splayed, irregular, non true openings  In each case, the interlocks of the sliding panes are located behind the existing mullions in order to maintain all original sightlines. Selectaglaze’s Series 10 range is a discreet solution ideal for heritage properties.  This bespoke treatment was accepted as a suitable adaptation by the Conservation Officer. The treatment had been so successful that the present owner, Mr Welch, often finds when he tries to open the primary windows that he forgets about the secondary glazing and inadvertently clashes with the units!