Cosway Street

A deprived building and local community receive something to go ‘ping-pong’ over

Greenhouse Sports Ltd

Christchurch, 35 Cosway Street, was granted a Grade II* Listing in 1954. It is a deconsecrated church in the Lisson Grove Conservation Area. Since the 1980s, the former place of worship has been used as B1 grade offices until recently when the leasehold was sold to Greenhouse Sports Ltd A radical and sensitive transformation was required to turn the church into a sports centre, to provide first-rate facilities for the coaches to deliver high-quality sports programmes, for the local community and beyond. Latitude Architects was engaged to work on the plans for the renovation, which were undertaken in consultation with Historic England. Surrounded by local shops, residential areas and community buildings including a school; noise insulation was imperative. In total 88 units were manufactured and installed, which were a combination of Series 42 fixed lights with curved and standard heads, as well as Series 80 3HS contra sliding units. Some of the Series 80 were 1.9m (h) x 2.3m (w) and weighed over 130kg when all assembled. The units came in 3 separate panes to enable manual handling and accessing the specific areas for installation.
35 Cosway Street London. Christchurch; Greenhouse Sports Head Quarters
Greenhouse sports space at 35 Cosway Street with acoustic insulating secondary glazing
Noise insulating secondary glazing for a local community sports centre in a converted church - London
Series 80 heavy duty 3 pane horizontal sliding system for noise mitigation in a converted church, Marylebone, London
Secondary glazing to a Grade 2 LIsted deconsecrated church in Marylebone, London
Large arched head secondary glazing series 80 3 pane horizontal slider and series 42 fixed light
Deconsecrated church now converted for use as Greenhouse Sports head office and community sports centre with Selectaglaze secondary glazing for noise mitigation

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