Chris Chapman

Chris started his 41 year career at Selectaglaze working in the factory. With a keen interest in IT, he moved to be office based and is now head honcho of the ITC department, managing a team of 2. He has moved to Cornwall in a vain attempt to shake off pursuit, with his wife Vivian where they share their love for each other and for the Lord Jesus.
Chris Chapman, ICT Manager, Selectaglaze

Did you know... a bit about me

What are your responsibilities at Selectaglaze?

I’m responsible for all PCs, devices, servers, phones (mobile and desk), all software and data - their availability and security. The internal network and external Cloud resources. I’m also responsible for the current advancement and future development of the Company’s use of technology...while my team actually does the work

When did you join Selectaglaze?


What are your most stand out projects?

The 25-year ongoing project that is the Company databases

Who do you deal with the most?

My client is Selectaglaze – and all its clients

At weekends you will find me...

Living the dream in the best county in England (until we gain our independence)

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