Bespoke solution outside of the product range? Selectaglaze can handle it

The recessed finger pull handle was a unique concept when we introduced it many years ago and is still used extensively across our vertical sliding product range. It allows the sliding panels to contra slide past each other for access and cleaning. However, in a recent project, we had to rethink this opening and closing mechanism for our Series 20 unit to ensure it was perfectly suited for occupants based in a London Estate.  The estate is a small development of one-bedroom, self-contained dwellings on the ground and first floors, set within a conservation area. They offer homes for people aged 66 and over on a below-average income or state benefits, who need housing and require sheltered accommodation. Four of the Listed building blocks within this estate required secondary glazing as part of a major renovation and overhaul. The units were introduced to improve the energy efficiency of the properties; making them more thermally insulated, less draughty and quieter to create a more comfortable living environment. Part of our work involved removing some older secondary units installed by another company that was not performing adequately.  To begin with, we provided the client with a set of secondary glazing samples to a trial property, as the requirement was for casement, vertical and horizontal sliding units – a range of treatments for primary windows of different shapes and sizes. Selectaglaze met with the resident estate management onsite to discuss the products in situ demonstrating the designs, operation and aesthetics. The feedback was extremely positive. However, the  Series 20 vertical slider, which was specified for a large number of the openings in the buildings posed a slight setback as the recessed finger pull mechanism to contra slide the secondary glazing was not suitable for the residents, some of whom were visually impaired, disabled, or suffering from debilitating ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, the other option of a standard handle could not be affixed to the bottom sash. Selectaglaze looked at incorporating ironmongery from other secondary units but they were deemed not fit for purpose on the Series 20.
 Recessed finger pull on bottom sash of Series 20 Vertical sliderSeries 20 slimline vertical slider with recessed finger pull The task was to source a handle outside of Selectaglaze’s offerings that would meet the requirements of the residents at the estate. Selectaglaze got in touch with Hafele; an internationally trusted name supplying furniture fittings, ironmongery, and hardware to look at handle options that could be incorporated into the design of the Series 20. They were a great support throughout, and it was decided that two small aluminium pull handles from their Quinn range would be perfect to bolt neatly to the bottom sash rail of the unit. Two aluminium Hafele pull handles were affixed to the bottom sash of each Series 20 vertical sliding unit Two aluminium Hafele pull handles were affixed to the bottom sash of each Series 20 vertical sliding unit. (Photo Credit: Hafele)   Within the Series 20 unit, the section where the recessed finger pull is normally located on the bottom sash, once reversed is flush. Therefore, the two Hafele pull handles could easily be bolted to this flush section. As soon as the sample with the alternative handles was presented to the client, it was approved immediately and will be used on all the Series 20 units installed across the buildings on this project. Incorporating a handle that was finished in polished chrome was not normally what Selectaglaze offers – but in this instance, it is ideal for those residents with vision problems to see it easier. The handles are straightforward to unbolt temporarily for cleaning and maintenance purposes and sightlines have still been kept to a minimum with their inclusion. The handles are also large and square, allowing for an adequate grip to open the Series 20, as well as strong and durable. Two third-party Hafele pull handles from their cupboard range abolted to the bottom sash of the Series 20 Vertical Sliding Unit CAD drawing depicting the Series 20 Vertical Sliding Unit with Hafele pull handles  Despite having the largest range of secondary glazing products in the UK, we may not necessarily have the solution for every project we work on. This does not mean we cannot assess the requirements of the clients and try to incorporate something outside of the norm into the design of our existing products. In this instance, we worked closely with the client to ensure that they were happy with the final specification. We went that extra mile just on handles alone to achieve a solution that was perfect for the residents.

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