Selectaglaze is now employee owned

Selectaglaze is proud to be an Employee Ownership Trust, creating a socially responsible, sustainable business with our employees at our heart.  We have transitioned to an Employee Ownership (EO) model, having established an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) which has purchased the business from previous shareholders and will operate it for the long-term benefit of all our employees. Selectaglaze EOT is run by three Trustee Directors, who have been carefully selected to provide a balanced view during this important stage of the business growth. These are Meredith Childerstone, from our founding family, Keith Mercer from our operational board and a newly appointed independent trustee, Sue Lawrence. Sue comes with a fresh perspective, wealth of knowledge and experience working as an Executive and Non-Executive Director and Trustee for other EOTs.

About Employee Ownership

The EOT concept has been around for over 100 years but more recently, in 2014, the UK government created new legislation to encourage this form of ownership based on research which shows that EOTs can be more productive, more inclusive, more successful and more sustainable. Since then, over 700 companies in the UK have moved to an EOT status. According to the Employee Ownership Association figures, the EO sector has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. It is often considered to be one of the most sustainable solutions to business succession for family-owned companies.

Thoughts from Selectaglaze and industry leaders

Meredith Childerstone, Chairman of Selectaglaze, said: “Moving to EO has been a carefully planned succession strategy developed using guidance from Employee Ownership Association and close assistance from the RM2 Partnership. My father founded Selectaglaze 56 years ago and I have been involved in the business since 1974. Since I semi-retired, I have taken on a role of a custodian, therefore I feel responsible for ensuring a legacy. This has always been important to me and I know that my dad wanted the company to have a long and sustainable future. For me business has always been about people, nurturing and building relationships for the long-term, enjoying what you are doing. By working with many committed people both inside and outside of the business over many years we have been challenged in all directions, we have improved our products beyond expectations and I have become really passionate about how secondary glazing can be used in some of the finest buildings in the UK. We are now highly regarded as a knowledgeable and reliable specialist and our transition to EOT will help continue building this legacy and allow for our family culture and values to be maintained.” 
Keith Mercer, Managing Director of Selectaglaze, said: “Working at Selectaglaze, I have been proud of the fact that we collectively have always been able to sustain a good quality of life for all employees and their families, that we provide a safe place for everyone to develop and reach their full potential. This change to an EOT means that we have not only created a sustainable business but one that is socially responsible, and that can continue to support employees. Moving to an EOT is a journey and we are all learning together. Very soon we will be looking to establish an employee group. It is an exciting new chapter in our history, one that will allow our team to have a greater participation in the business strategy and share in its success.”
James de le Vingne, Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association, said: “Congratulations to Selectaglaze on its transition to employee ownership earlier this year, securing the ethos and culture of the business for the longer term. It is a clear fit for Selectaglaze’s family values and it’s great to see it building its EO governance in the business – by giving employees a stake and a say, it will benefit individuals, the business and root jobs in the community for the longer term.”



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