16th Century Family Home South Downs

The arts and crafts of secondary glazing in beautiful family home

A quaint family home in the South Downs Conservation Area has recently seen upgrades to its noise and thermal insulation, making it much more peaceful and cosy to live and relax in. The owners set about researching options for window improvements, wishing to retain the characterful original primary glazing. They approached a local company who said they could only supply secondary glazing in white, which was unsatisfactory as that would have ruined the look and feel of the originals. Fortuitously, an acquaintance from a neighbouring town who also lived in an Unsworth designed Arts and Crafts house, made contact and visited the property to see what the new owners were doing. Whilst looking around and discussing their plight of finding a solution for the windows, the contact was quite bemused by the fact that the owners had been told that secondary glazing can only be supplied in white and recommended approaching Selectaglaze. A total of 13 Series 10 – 2 and 3 pane horizontal sliders were specified and installed across the front elevation openings in 8014 matt sepia. Noise ingress was reduced due to installation with a 100mm cavity and 6.8 laminated glass. Draughts have been dramatically reduced with the high performance seals and close fitting of the secondary glazing.