Vertical Sliding

Vertical sliding units are ideal for treating sash windows as they follow the existing sightlines. Spring balances support the weight of the sashes which contra-slide to help with cleaning. A minimum frame to frame gap of 75mm is recommended to enable access for cleaning apart from the Tilt-in option. 

Slimline 20 (VS)

A slim framed vertical sliding unit accepting glass up to 6.8mm and ideal for treating traditional sash windows often found in Listed and heritage buildings. Maximum height 3000mm. Maximum sash weight 20Kg. 
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S20 Slimline VS Isometric

Mid-range 25 (VS)

A mid-range vertical sliding unit with higher capacity balances that can handle larger windows. Accepts glass up to 8.8mm to provide higher levels of noise insulation and is a Police Preferred Specification under the Secured by Design initiative (SBD). Maximum height 3000mm. Maximum sash weight 31Kg. 
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Series 25 Mid-range vertical sliding secondary glazing isometric

Tilt-in 60 (VS)

A tilt-in vertical sliding unit allowing the individual sashes to hinge inwards on safety stays to assist with cleaning. This system is particularly suited to sash windows with unequal pane sizes. Maximum height 3000mm. Maximum sash weight 20Kg. 
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Series 60 tilt in vertical sliding unit isometric

Heavy Duty 90 (VS)

A vertical sliding unit with high-capacity balances suitable for very large sash windows. Accepts glass up to 12.8mm for higher levels of noise insulation and is a Police Preferred Specification under the Secured by Design initiative (SBD). Maximum height 3600mm. Maximum sash weight 60kg. 
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Series 90 Heavy Duty Vertical Sliding Isometric

Security 95 (VS)

A vertical sliding unit designed with discreet security features. Provides intruder resistance to levels SR1 of LPS 1175 and blast mitigation to level EXV 25 of ISO 16933. Maximum height 3600mm. Maximum sash weight 60Kg.
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S95 Security VS Isometric

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