Brew House

Brew House – Transformation from brewery to quirky offices

Client: ESHA Architects

Bespoke secondary glazing solutions to prevent heat loss have been applied to this former brewery during the redevelopment into quirky offices. The building has Grade II Listed status.  It has undergone a refurbishment and redesign to transform it into an office space.  This process required great care and attention to detail in order to retain the original features whilst at the same time bringing the building up to modern standards.  Serious attention had to be given to creating a comfortable as well as stylish working environment whilst retaining the original feel of the brewery.  Central to the design of the building are its very attractive arched windows.  The original primary windows were draughty and provided minimal heat retention and due to the buildings Listed status the primary windows could not be replaced. This was a large project and over 100 units were installed using five different systems, including curved on plan head windows all of which were colour matched to the primary glazing to make them an unobtrusive adaptation.  Nick Porter from caddy windows said “The products are great and the customer service we received from everyone was fantastic”.