Horizontal Sliding 2

Horizontal Sliding

Series 15: Mid-range discreet framing system in 2 or 3 pane options for larger windows; also accepts thicker glass to achieve higher noise insulation.
As the sashes slide within the frame, there should be no interference with blinds or curtains. Units can be linked to treat large ribbon windows.
Serie 15 Styles Sections Detail

Series 15 Mid-range

A mid-range horizontal sliding system with more robust but still slender framing sections that allow discreet treatment of larger windows.  It can support thicker glass when higher levels of noise insulation are needed.
Recommended maximum frame sizes (mm)
    H W
2 PANE    2400 3000 Link to BIM data
3 PANE   2400  4500 Link to BIM data


4 mm to 8.8 mm


Standard white (HIPCA semi-gloss). Any standard powder paint, wood grain finish or anodised finish to order.
  • Warmer The Series 15 window has not yet been assessed for thermal insulation but it should compare well with the heavier Series 10 system which will reduce heat loss by up to 50% using standard glass and up to 65% with a thermally efficient glass (low-E).  The system is also fitted with high performance brush seals that will almost eliminate drafts and ensure much greater comfort near the window. INSULATION (U-VALUES) CALCULATED IN COMBINATION WITH A PRIMARY WINDOW AT BRFC SAMPLE SIZE OF 1430 X 1230MM No performance figures available currently. Quieter The Series 15 window has not yet been laboratory sound tested but it should compare well with the Series 10 system which, set 100mm apart from the existing window, will reduce noise levels by more than 40dB (decibels).  In most circumstances this will achieve World Health Organisation guidelines for quiet living and working environments.  The Series 15 system also accepts thicker glass and this will improve insulation levels over and above the Series 10 levels. NOISE INSULATION MEASURED IN COMBINATION WITH PRIMARY WINDOW No performance figures available currently. Safer The Series 15 window can be fitted with a lockable fitch catch and glazed with a laminated glass which will provide some resistance to forced entry but there is no test standard.  The system has not been blast tested but it will compare very well with the Series 10 system which, glazed with 6.8mm laminated glass, offers protection against blast to the same level as anti shatter film in conjunction with bomb blast net curtains. SECURITY PERFORMANCE (MAXIMUM ACHIEVABLE, CONTACT SELECTAGLAZE FOR SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS)
    BLAST ISO 16933 EXV 33 (2HS only)
    FIRE N/A
  • Styles available

    Section diagrams

    Selectaglaze secondary glazing Series 15 mid-range horizontal slider section diagrams
    • H3 Recessed Finger Pull Series 15H3 recessed finger pull Series 15
      H3 Recessed Finger Pull
    • L2 Fitch Catch (Lockable) Series 15L2 Fitch Catch Series 15
      L2 Fitch Catch (Lockable)
    • L24 Sliding Latch Series 15L24 sliding latch series 15
      L24 Sliding Latch
    H3 Recessed Finger Pull  Match frame colour 
    L2 Lockable Fitch Catch White Black Gold Polished chrome Brushed Steel
    L24 Sliding Latch Match frame colour