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Acoustic secondary glazing with a 30s retro vibe


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acoustic secondary glazing, new build, coloured and wood grain finishes

Selectaglaze was consulted to solve the noise ingress issues of a boutique hotel located a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Circus. As well as needing to provide a solution to reduce the external noise, Selectaglaze was also tasked with retaining the original design styling of the primary windows. The architect had maximised the feeling of space and light with the primary glazing by incorporating floor to ceiling windows. These beautiful stylish windows form the focal point of every room, with each one comprising of a metal frame with evenly spaced mullions. This distinctly 30s retro window design is further emphasised with the use of a dark grey matt finish. Brand new, top of the range double glazed windows proved no match to the bustling night life of London therefore a solution was needed to provide guests with a peaceful night’s sleep. Even the best quality primary windows can’t exclude all external noise. The rooms abutting streets with public houses have proved particularly problematic for the hotel owners. As the hotelier has little control over the popularity of the numerous venues surrounding them they had to address the problem of noise ingress to keep their guests happy. Bespoke acoustic windows from Series 80, heavy duty horizontal sliding units were specified and manufactured. The nature of these units form an airtight barrier to airborne noise ingress. The units were glazed with 6.8mm laminate glass throughout, which possesses sound dampening qualities. Care was taken to ensure that the glass thickness of the secondary units differed from that of the primary to reduce resonance. These acoustic units were installed 200mm from the primary windows. This air gap decouples the panes of glass and dramatically reduces noise transmission. The cavity combined with the laminate glass, resulted in rooms which were peaceful and comfortable to stay in - even in the rooms directly facing the noisiest venues. Acoustic window Matt Grey Ral: 7016 Powder coated aluminium secondary glazing Careful specification and bespoke design of all the units meant that not only did the secondary glazing match the sight lines of the primary window, but was done in such a way that both windows could be opened without ruining the aesthetics of the original design. All units were finished in Matt Grey Ral: 7016 to blend seamlessly with the primary frames. High quality components, skilled manufacture and design, careful specification and installation rounded off with an excellent finish, has resulted in a treatment that ticks all the boxes.