Connaught place award winning treatment

Home to nobility, winner of awards, Connaught Place, a cut above the rest


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refurbishment and conservation, acoustic secondary glazing

Named after Prince William Frederick, Earl of Connaught; this beautiful sweep of mansions has seen a colourful set of characters come and go over its lifetime resulting in some tantalising stories. Built in Georgian style in 1812, No 1 Connaught Place was home to the estranged wife of George IV, Princess Caroline. Famously on the night of 12th July 1814, her daughter Princess Charlotte ran away from the Palace and took shelter with her mother in Connaught Place. This unusual royal behaviour was a desperate attempt to escape the strictures imposed upon her by father. Portraits of Princesses Caroline and Charlotte Princess Caroline and daughter Charlotte No 2. Connaught Place was home to Lord Randolph Churchill, his wife and young son, Winston. It was from here that the young Randolph championed the cause of Democratic Toryism and the young Winston took his first steps. Whilst No 5. Connaught Place is testament to the blitz. Badly damaged during an air raid in WWII, it had to be completely rebuilt and is actually a facsimile of the original Georgian structure. The terrace was given a Listed status 1951 and since then this very important building has been tastefully restored to meet the needs of the 21st century. During a recent refurbishment of the building, John Sisk and Sons Ltd sought our advice for a quality thermal and acoustic secondary glazing treatment. The dramatic sound reduction achieved with the initial test window resulted in the decision that all the windows of Connaught Place should be treated. A further 68 units were duly manufactured and installed. Five different styles were required including Series 90 heavy duty vertical sliding and Series 60 vertical sliding units glazed in 4mm toughened glass. Urban traffic noise juxtaposed with now quiet interior for Connaught Place Urban noise – quiet interior The resulting project has created an interior which is warm and peaceful; whilst expert specification combined with our sensitive designs ensure that the secondary treatment blend subtly with the original primary windows. We are proud to have been part of the renovation that went on to win the ‘Best Residential Renovation in the UK award 2014- 2015’. The combination of the sound deadening air gap coupled with thermal seals and tight fit has afforded Connaught Place with secondary glazing that guarantees it a more sustainable and comfortable future.