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Built as a dairy to supply milk and cream to big house, the Old Dairy is now home to a cohort of boarders. Converting a draughty, cold, Grade II Listed property into homely student accommodation whilst meeting conservation requirements was challenging. It Required the expertise from architects, surveyors, builders, craftsmen and finishing trades; as well as the skills of a Conservation Officer who oversaw the whole process. Old dairy and original Victorian handmade tiles Old Dairy and Victorian tiles in The Scullery To achieve both a quality restoration and comfortable accommodation, every component of the building required attention. Wherever possible original features were restored. However those which were more delicate and had not fared well over the years, such as the handcrafted tiles in the Dairy and Scullery had to be remade like for like. The original glazed metal windows needed to be retained to fulfil conservation requirements. However these Victorian single glazed windows offered little thermal retention or draught protection. Therefore secondary glazing was deemed the solution by Roger Balmer Design, so we were selected to design a thermally enhancing, low visual impact treatment. With a wide range of shapes, styles, sizes and reveal types, this project posed many challenges. One particular window presented Selectaglaze with a non-true, tapered, stone reveal. In addition it was surrounded by beautiful Victorian tiles; it was imperative that we should produce a secondary solution that would blend well within this decorative interior. Stone reveal secondary treatment Primary and secondary before and after To ensure no additional sightlines were introduced and functionality was retained, Series 10 – 3 pane horizontal sliding unit was specified. Each sash was carefully aligned to the break lines of the primary window. Bespoke timber grounds were carefully crafted to create a true opening for each of these units. Each frame was manufactured in bronze anodized aluminium. The resulting treatment harmonizes with the original features; whilst the optimally installed thermal secondary has transformed a cold draughty scullery into a comfortable bedroom. Odd leg detail bay - Old Dairy Odd leg detail Another feature window required the combination of two opening types, to preserve its function and beauty. Two Series 30 lift-out units, together with a Series 10 2 pane horizontal slider, were manufactured to exactly match the original sightlines. To blend with the antique pine fittings each unit was finished with a bronze anodised powder coating. To install securely into the bay, bespoke splayed timber grounds together with two timber bay posts were created; whilst the original sill was extended to accept the secondary glazing. Bay post and timber details Reveal timber splayed and Bay splay timber The resulting interior is now warm and comfortable whilst its original beauty has remained intact for generations to come. Bay window before and after secondary treatment Bay window – before and after