Jesus College - University of Cambridge

Selectaglaze helps a Cambridge College to improve sustainability in a Grade II Listed building

Client:  Jesus College (University of Cambridge)

Selectaglaze has helped Jesus College, part of the University of Cambridge, to improve heat efficiency and sustainability in a Grade II Listed building. The College commissioned Niall McLaughlin Architects to design the plans and Cocksedge Building Contractors to carry out the refurbishment and reconfiguration of the West Court development. However, as a Grade II Listed building, creating a specific sustainable agenda with the introduction of insulation and secondary glazing posed some challenges. The primary windows were draughty, allowing heat to escape and suffering from noise during ingress and egress. Selectaglaze previously treated over 300 openings during the College’s Chapel Court student accommodation refurbishment. Based upon this successful track record, Selectaglaze installed over 100 secondary glazing units in West Court. The original primary windows, iron casements set into stone mullions, look fantastic, so it was important that the secondary glazing did not detract from them. A combination of casement and horizontal sliders were chosen to provide the best match with the original design and avoiding the introduction of new sightlines. Finished in anodised bronze, they complement the overall feel of the building.