PsiOxus Theraputics Ltd

Clean, private and secure environments for laboratories enhanced with secondary glazing

Client:  PsiOxus Theraputics Ltd

PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd. (PsiOxus) is a UK and US based cancer therapeutics company. It has recently expanded into 21,000 sq ft of new facilities including a state of the art research and development laboratory in The Quadrant at the Abingdon Science Park.   Main contractor, Morgan Lovell specified Selectaglaze to improve the thermal insulation and security of the building in specific areas. PsiOxus’ R&D environment demands the utmost cleanliness, so a glazing solution was required to meet these requirements too.  As part of the refurbishment, windows with fire ratings separating the labs and corridors were also required to conform to building regulations.  A total of 15 horizontal slider units with 6mm toughened low-E glass were fitted to all of the external primary windows. The inverted u-channel section was included to sit in the bottom of each frame to minimise the dust traps and enhance the ease of cleaning. This is ideal for tissue culture labs where there is a requirement for infection control.  All of the secondary glazing on the ground floor was fitted with Satinovo obscurity glass to provide increased lab privacy. In addition, a total of 22 Series 40 fixed light units were fitted as viewing panels in the research and development laboratories. The vision panels within the internal walls were fitted in 6mm toughened glass, and in the lab areas, units were fitted with a 10mm Pyrodur glass, providing 30 minutes of fire integrity.