The Fellowship and Star (Formerly Bellingham Fellowship Inn)

Former pub to community hub: Selectaglaze secondary glazing supports

Client: Pheonix Community Housing

Next door to Bellingham Station in London, the Grade II Listed Fellowship Inn was a semi-derelict pub that has recently been repurposed as a new cultural centre for the local community and beyond. As part of the vital repairs, it was necessary to improve the acoustic efficiency of the original crittal single glazed windows which could not be removed due to conservation restrictions. An essential element of the works was to ensure a reduction of noise ingress and breakout from the building. Prior to the secondary glazing being fitted, the reveals had to be replastered and the rotting primary window timbers needed to be replaced and repaired. A total of 32 units were installed across all four floors. The majority of the openings were fitted with Series 15 horizontal sliders. The original curved windows in the cinema were treated using the Series 15 units, combined with Series 40 curved fixed light units. Near to an external staircase serving as a fire escape, Series 40 fixed lights offering 30 mins fire integrity were installed to protect the route in the case of an emergency. The inclusion of secondary glazing to support the successful renovation of this Bellingham landmark will ensure it becomes a thriving and acoustically efficient community hub with a multitude of uses for years to come.