Ashton Gatehouse (Lower Lodge Gatehouse)

Another Building at ‘risk’ is saved and gets the Selectaglaze treatment

Bristol City Council

Situated within the Bower Ashton Conservation Area in Bristol is the Lower lodge Gatehouse; a grandiose Grade II Listed former entrance to Ashton Court Estate. Over the years the building was left abandoned and fell into such disrepair, that it featured on Historic Englands ‘Heritage at Risk Register’. As the Gothic Revival building is Grade II Listed, original features had to be retained and restored. Appointed main contractor, Ken Biggs, approached Techniglaze, a partner of Selectaglaze for over 20 years, for assistance with the specification of secondary glazing. The original windows had irregular original glass, probably no thicker than 3mm and the frames were leaky; so the building was cold and draughty. A total of 18 openings were treated, all very irregular in size and shape. Timber frames were made for all, to ensure a true opening was created to fix the secondary glazing to; making sure it was a tight fit to eliminate any drafts or air gaps. The Series 45 hinged casement was specified with gothic arched heads, to allow an undisrupted view of the primary glazing, without adding any new sightlines. It also provides full access for cleaning and maintenance of the original windows.
Grade II LIsted Lower Lodge Gatehouse, Bristol
Selectaglaze series 10 horizontal sliding secondary glazing at Ashton Lodge Gatehouse
Slim high level arched secondary glazing in turrets of Grade II LIsted Gatehouse
Thermal secondary glazed casement windows in grade II listed building
Horizontal sliding secondary glazing with access to original shutters in Grade II Listed Gatehouse, Bristol.
Lower lodge gatehouse with working shutters between primary and secondary glazing
Ashton Lodge secondary glazing with shutters to improve thermal performance and stop draughts
External shot of Ashton Gatehouse Bristol

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