Harris Manchester College - University of Oxford

Towering Gothic Arches at Harris Manchester College, fitted with secondary glazing

University of Oxford

Harris Manchester College is a faculty of the University of Oxford. With a new construction site opposite the north side of the main building, the fragility of this Grade II Listed Building and its original features became apparent and noise and dust ingress an issue. Four rooms were affected; two meeting rooms, a student common room and the Tate Library. In the two meeting rooms: Series 20 slimline vertical sliding units were installed; colour matched in a wood grain finish to accompany the wood panelling and reveals. The primary windows in the Tate Library are tall gothic arched windows, with three stained glass windows forming a main bay. To complement the interior décor and leaded casings, the timber sub frames and secondary glazing profiles were colour coated in 9005 Jet Black Matt. The gothic arches were almost 4.5m tall and had a mezzanine cutting through. The portion of the window below the mezzanine was a Series 10 horizontal sliding unit. Stacked on top, were two series 42 fixed lights. Above these up to the spring point, was another Series 10, together with three Series 42 curved fixed lights including reverse curving to follow the lines and details of the tracery at the head. Series 20 slimline vertical sliders were installed in white to match the interior design in the student Common Room, which required a solution to improve noise insulation.
External View of Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford
The Tate Library at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford
Student Common Room treated with secondary glazing at Oxford University
Series 20 colour matched in a wood grain finish

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