19th Century Entrance Lodge, Beaconsfield

Selectaglaze thermally enhances 19th Century Lodge to 21st Century standards

Client: Hall Barn Estates

This striking Grade II Listed entrance lodge, located in Beaconsfield, was built at the start of the 19th century. It fell into a state of disrepair a few years ago and required a thorough renovation before being deemed suitable for inclusion in the rental market. All of the original leaded light windows were retained but they offered poor thermal insulation. A solution was required to improve performance levels. Estate Manager Giles Paddison contacted Selectaglaze to provide a solution for the thermal inefficiencies. Selectaglaze installed units from its slimline Series 10 and Series 45 range, ideal for heritage projects. The inclusion of a low emissivity hard coat on the glass reduces the U-value of the window combination to the range 1.7 to 1.9 W/m2K. The lodge is located very close to a major motorway so noise reduction was also important. When there is a 100mm cavity between the primary and secondary windows, a sound reduction of about 45dB is achievable. The new tenants of the lodge are pleased with the look of the secondary glazing, remarking that they generally use less energy, leading to lower bills. Estate manager Giles Paddison has also been impressed with the units at the lodge. “The Selectaglaze secondary glazing units fitted to the lodge enabled us to retain the Listed leaded light windows while improving the thermal and acoustic efficiency beyond recognition.”