The Old Toll House acoustic secondary Series 45

Water under the bridge: now a bright future for the Old Toll House


Project Profile


acoustic secondary glazing, refurbishment and conservation, retrofitting, arches shapes and curves

On the Historic Buildings at Risk Register, the Old Toll House was a sorry sight to see in the early 2000s. Grade I Listed and falling into disrepair this very special building was badly in need of help. Old Toll House in a state of disrepair Old Toll House in disrepair, forming an integral part of Clopton Bridge Dating from the reign of George III, and built into the structure of an existing 15th century bridge; this 10 sided structure was built for the purpose of collecting tolls from travellers crossing Clopton Bridge, Stratford-upon-Avon. A plaque on its wall detailing the range of prices, not to mention sanctions, gives a tantalising glimpse into the social structures and laws of Georgian England. Tolls and sanctions - signage Tolls and sanctions, displayed for all who crossed the bridge Designated as 'at risk'; thought had to be given as to how this historic building could have a sustainable future. The Stratford Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) took up the baton. They were able to secure sufficient funds to carry out exploratory works, together with a feasibility study into the possible functions the resulting building could house. This report, in turn, allowed the process of bidding and securing grants for the complete renovation and refurbishment of this ancient structure. Selectaglaze was an intrinsic part of this process. Having identified its potential as an exhibition space and offices, the SHBT required the finished project to provide 21st century comfort; both thermal and acoustic. The irreplaceable original single pane windows required a visually sympathetic and effective glazing solution. With decades of successful historic building treatments, Selectaglaze was the obvious go-to company for the project. To provide the required acoustic and thermal properties, eight bespoke curved Series 45 (double hung) hinged casements were created and installed. Modern spiral staircase and original features Celebrating the new with the old The resulting Old Toll House boasts a two story office space, complete with a new curved staircase. This modern twist sits comfortably with the restored original features. Whilst the Gothic arched windows with low visual impact secondary glazing create a comfortable, quiet and attractive interior.