Selectaglaze has one of the most comprehensive ranges of secondary glazing, allowing sympathetic treatment of almost any window style. Our bespoke products are manufactured on site in the UK, designed and made to order for each and every job. All our secondary glazing is rigorously tested and meets essential standards covering; noise insulation, improved thermal performance, draught exclusion, and enhanced security. From Listed heritage buildings, to new-build hospitals, hotels to school classrooms, museums to private homes; secondary glazing can be used to enhance any type of building. Please see our gallery for examples and inspiration.

A wealth of benefits

Secondary glazing can offer significant noise insulation, thermal insulation, enhanced security, improved air quality and, subject to glazing specifications, protection against the damaging effects of UV light.

Bespoke quality

Specialist framing

The framing sections are made to exclusive Selectaglaze designs using an aluminium alloy. This strong, lightweight material is extruded to form the slender, complex shapes needed to accommodate seals, fixings and specialist hardware.

High performance finishes

The aluminium can have a variety of finishes. The more commonly used is polyester powder paint-Interpon and Synthapulvin. It comes in a wide range of colours as well as woodgrain effect. Unless specified the aluminium will come in a standard finish: white HIPCA semi-gloss. The second option for finishes is analock anodising - in an architectural range of silver, black, bronze and blue-grey. All surface treatments have a long life expectancy with minimum maintenance.

Bespoke ironmongery

We have a range of handles, finger pulls and locks which are specific to each product. Please check the ironmongery tab on each product page to see the options available to you

High performance gaskets

The glass is held in position by PVC nitrile gaskets or, in the case of the heavier casement systems, specialist bonding tapes that offer high levels of security. The standard colour is black with white available as an option.

Durable weatherseals

The sliding units are fitted with twin silicone treated grey polypropylene pile seals from Schlegel. Hinging units are fitted with high performance Q-Lon seals available in white, black or brown. The material has excellent 'memory' and retains its original shape year after year to give optimum performance.